Landing procedures

  • Standard report on AFIS 118.525 MHz

  • The touchdown point must be mandatory behind the displaced threshold.

  • Activate PTT push 5 times in an interval of 1 second end of downwind and before TKOF on FREQ 118.52.

  • An acoustic signal will confirm the trasmitted impulse.

  • The barrier will remain closed for 3 min.

  • Backtrack. Taxiway no more available.

Landing fees

The AD is usually open, according to NOTAM.

All visitors are welcome,please don't forget Previous Permission (+41 91 8802030).

Landing tax may be paid at the C office or to our account: Postfinance 65-8471-9

0 to 999 Kg
CHF 12.00
1000 to 1999 Kg
CHF 18.00
2000 to 2999 Kg
CHF 30.00
up to 3000 Kg
CHF 50.00


Only for based aircraft